Too many passwords to remember?

If you are like me, you have a bunch of  User-Ids and Passwords for the plethora of website you use. The sites you use all the time are not an issue in remembering the password, but those other websites, you know the ones you sign up for and forget about, or don’t use very often,  are the ones that I have an issue with.

I did a little investigation on some password managment software/online sites, and now I am tyring out PassPack (

Basically, the way passpack works is your provide a UserName/Password to login to the PassPack webserver.  Upon a successful login, your encrypted “pack” is delivered to the browser, and a separate “unpack code” is entered.  If the unpack code is correct, your “pack” is decrypted, and you have the ablility to see your UserId/Password for the sites you setup.   Not even PassPack knows what this unpack key is, and therefore could not unpack it, to reveal the passwords.

Future versions will have the ability to automatically enter your userid/password on the websites.

This is great, because anywhere I have access to a computer and web browser, I can get my passwords.

Check out the PassPack website for more details and/or to sign up.


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