ASP.NET Code-Behind : Separation of my MIND!


When came out, a new term was born, “code behind”. This pattern promises “separation of UI and logic code”.

My ASS!!!

The more I work with web forms pattern, the more I become frustrated with the code-behind model. There IS no separation. Once you put an ID and runat=”server” attribute on a UI element, you have NOW BOUND that element to any code in the “separated” code-behind.

I’m gonna write more on this soon. But for now, I’m leaning more and more to the NVelocity pattern for UI.

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One thought on “ASP.NET Code-Behind : Separation of my MIND!

  1. Scott,
    You really summed it up in you short blog. Seperation My Ass! Viva La Architecture Design Patterns such as MVC, etc.

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