The State Of Responsive Web Design | Smashing Mobile


Responsive Web design has been around for some years now, and it was a hot topic in 2012. Many well-known people such as Brad Frost and Luke Wroblewski have a lot of experience with it and have helped us make huge improvements in the field. But there’s still a whole lot to do.

In the article, they will look at what is currently possible, what will be possible in the future using what are not yet standardized properties (such as CSS Level 4 and HTML5 APIS), and what still needs to be improved. This article is not exhaustive, and they won’t go deep into each technique, but you’ll have enough links and knowledge to explore further by yourself.

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A detailed description of the Boston Globe’s responsive (and responsible) redesign.

This is a video of the presentation done by Scott Jehl on the Boston’s Globe’s website redesign.  There is some great stuff in here.